How oil and gas companies can benefit through outsourcing software development

How oil and gas companies can benefit through outsourcing software developmentOil and gas companies around the world are increasingly looking to do more with their software teams, without increasing their costs, while maintaining overall efficiency. Dedicated team-based outsourcing, to Romania in particular, enables companies to do just this.

One of the most important facets of expanding a software team is the process of onboarding new developers. A major pain point for HR professionals is the sheer amount of time and money that goes into this process for each new hire- from job ads to interviews, to getting developers up to speed. We look to eliminate this with our outsourcing model, based on pre-selection and fast onboarding. By pre-selecting available developers to add to our talent pool, we maintain a large database of ready-to-go talent that our clients can pick from at a moment’s notice- whether they are just starting to work with us, or they need to add a new specialist to an existing team, fast. We also look to streamline the onboarding process by way of emphasizing open communication and offering strong support in HR and local project/team management.

As we’ve written previously, working with Romanian developers can be an excellent way to save on personnel costs while ensuring high-quality workmanship. As the market rates for software developers in Romania are lower than elsewhere in the world, and the local cost of doing business is quite reasonable in comparison with other countries- it’s no surprise that outsourcing to Romania can be a major bargain for firms based in certain countries. Saying this, as Romania boasts a large, ever-expanding tech industry, it’s not at all difficult to find the exact sort of developer that you’re looking for, however specialized or experience-warranting your requirements might be.

Between getting expert developers for bargain prices, and getting who you need, when you need them, without the added legwork that comes with conducting hiring rounds internally- it could be said that software development outsourcing to Romania presents a unique set of advantages to companies in the oil and gas industry. Whether you’re looking to efficiently expand your software team, decrease costs associated with software development to increase overall profit margins, or some mix of the two- outsourcing to Romania might be the way to go.

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