Software Development

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.

What do we do?

We build software from scratch, based on our internal software engineering process. We innovate:

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Technology

Our strategy is to grow on enormous intelligence potential in Romania, to connect to global initiatives and to expand across industries and beyond geography.


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Years of software development
Software development engineers
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satisfied customers

Vision, Mission, Strategy

Become a significant landmark in the global IT marketplace.

Create products that solve problems and improve day by day experiences;

Deliver services that lead businesses to success;

Release tools that help IT community evolve;

Innovate processes that simplify SDLC.

Invest in talents and value experience;

Develop a culture for Innovation;

Nurture a growth mindset for success;

Leverage globalization and technology uptake.



  • Identify potential projects
  • Prioritize potential projects
  • Develop initial vision
  • Assess project feasibility
  • Model the scope of the system
  • Plan resource allocation and building the team
  • Estimate the project


  • Agile methodology
  • Pair programming
  • Collaborative development
  • Model storming
  • Test Driven Design
  • CQRS and Event driven design
  • Evolve Documentation
  • Code Quality Management (code review, technical debt monitoring)


  • Testing plan
  • Test cases
  • System and integration testing
  • Automated testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Test Reports
  • Acceptance testing
  • Automatic performance testing (JMeter, Gatling)
  • Penetration testing


  • User Documentation
  • Training
  • System Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Operational monitoring
  • Blue/green deployments
  • Identify defects and enhancements

Software Engineering Methodology

Agile scrum inside full-stack project teams. (typically including 1 QA, 1 PO, 1-2 front-end developers, 5-8 back-end/full-stack developers, 1 DevOps);

Agile SAFe across multiple teams working on the same overall solution (program increment planning including innovation iterations);

Teams split per microservices where needed;
Knowledge experts in client’s specific business areas.

Solution architects to harmonize interaction between individual teams;

Technology Blend

Java & .Net

Microservices Arhitecture

PWA, Reactive Web Apps

Big Data and AI (ML, Blockchain)


Cloud/hybrid/On-premise Deployments