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Over the past year and a half, the IT market around the world has been going through a turbulent period. The industry’s spectacular growth has slowed significantly, giving way to a series of restructurings that began in the United States but cascaded to Romania.

Many IT professionals have been forced to look for new job opportunities because of the drop in the number of projects by companies in the sector. As a result, the possibility of finding a top job quickly has been greatly reduced. It’s no coincidence that Connections’ development strategy keeps us out of this global trend of slowing growth: we continue to maintain our commitment to the people we work with, we have continued to make hires, and we are consistent in our efforts to retain talent.

So, at the end of last year, we decided to take on the full pressure on employees caused by the new tax legislation and assumed the additional costs for our colleagues directly affected by the tax change. We also relocated the team to a new, larger, and more streamlined office, including developing internal incentive and motivation programs for employees.

We value talented people who are determined to build for the long term, so our plans to keep them on board are built around valuing and making transparent individual performance, coupled with public recognition and tangible benefits, such as granting shareholder status in the company through the Stock Options Plan (SOP).

We are in an open dialogue with our colleagues at Connections, because we want to be a true hub where the best IT professionals find their place.

From June, we are expanding this dialogue with all candidates and professionals in the industry, and kick-starting the communication by inviting them to visit us and leave feedback on the #ConnectionsConsult account on the platform.

If you are just starting out in your profession, between jobs, or looking for a career shift, we also keep you updated on job opportunities and internship possibilities on this platform, including inside stories and concrete stories about what the working atmosphere is like, the chances of a long-term collaboration or changing your role from intern to permanent employee.

For us, being on means increasing the level of transparency, and, along with this, we want to create a safe space where our former, current, and future employees and collaborators can open a dialogue that will give them answers where they don’t have them and the possibility, based on the candidates’ experiences, to improve the way we run our internal processes.

So please visit us HERE and stay up to date with Connections news.

Connections decides to distribute dividends for 2023 and announces financial projections for 2024

Connections (CC), a digital transformation company listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, recently published the budget for the year 2024 and the priorities for the current year. The company has decided to allocate dividends for the fiscal year ended and has initiated internal preparations for transitioning to the regulated market of the exchange.

For 2024, Connections estimates total revenues of 122 million lei, representing an accelerated growth of 49% compared to the budgeted amount for 2023, and a net profit of 8.8 million lei (a 57% increase compared to the budgeted amount for 2023), with a focus on EBITDA growth.

“2023 was the best year in the company’s history, with significant surpassing of all initially estimated results. Triple-digit growth has brought us large-scale projects, which we currently have in progress, and have confirmed Connections’ capabilities and relevance in the public sector digitization category in Romania. We continue to grow at a sustainable pace to ensure healthy and balanced development, with a focus in 2024 on the development of our software development and technology integration line. The main contributors to this year’s revenue are the Service Delivery and Software Development & Outsourcing divisions, with estimated revenues of 35 million lei and 87 million lei, respectively,” says Bogdan Florea, Founder & Co-CEO of Connections.

The organization is banking on revenue growth in the Software Development division, driven both by the development of substantial projects in the public sector and by expanding its portfolio of specialized solutions. The division is expected to achieve an estimated average compound growth of 60%, while the Service Delivery line is projected to see a 3% growth, remaining a significant source of revenue and a strategic pillar for Connections.

The primary target for the current year is private sector companies, aiming to ensure a balanced portfolio of clients and profitability growth that generates increased value for investors.

“Our plans for 2024 focus on four essential pillars: strategic technological partnerships, digital marketing to increase visibility, consultative sales to understand customer needs, and the development of innovative solutions for the public sector. We are confident that this year’s results will strengthen our market position and allow us, as planned, to distribute dividends each year, correlated with the financial realities of the moment,” mentions Radu Marcu, Co-CEO of Connections.

In addition to development initiatives, the company aims to internally focus on consolidating the corporate governance structure and kick-start preparations for transitioning to the primary market. The first planned step is to expand the Board of Directors by two seats, a measure that will bring diversified expertise to the board and improve decision-making processes within the company.

“Today, we have a corporate governance that is vastly superior to the time of listing, with processes and procedures maturing and requiring a much more rigorous business conduct over the next 3-5 years. In order to access the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and prepare for the transition to IFRS reporting, we are determined to align ourselves with the highest standards and develop a transparent financial image. Our focus will be on long-term sustainability and constant value generation, both for shareholders through business results and for clients through the high quality of projects we deliver,” adds Bogdan Florea, Founder & Co-CEO of Connections.

Based on previous financial performances, Connections recently decided to distribute dividends totaling 3,300,000 lei from the net profit of the company for the financial years 2022 and 2023, to be benefited by shareholders registered in the shareholders’ register on the date of 26.04.2024, proportionally to their shareholding in the paid-up share capital. The gross dividend value is 0.2522 lei per share, and the dividend payment date through the Central Depository is 21.05.2024.

Connections’ dividend policy aims at consistent distribution of benefits to shareholders, based on the availability and cash needs of each year, correlated with profit growth.

The year 2023 marked exceptional growth, with the company standing out through impressive financial results and solidifying its position as a market leader in complex digitization projects. Key financial achievements include a 203% increase in turnover, reaching 177 million lei, and a 162% increase in net profit, reaching 11 million lei.

The complete report on audited financial results for 2023 and the budget for 2024 can be consulted here.

Spring of Artificial Intelligence

Known as the AI BOOM or the Spring of Artificial Intelligence, last year was marked by the explosion of AI, as the technological and commercial advancements of the past decade were compressed into a truly remarkable single year.

Throughout it, both hopes and fears regarding AI’s transformative capacity became widely publicized, as did global questions concerning the management of this new technology.

At Connections, we closely monitor the dynamics of leading technologies as we actively develop products based on them. In 2023, we integrated AI for the first time into one of our products, ID Scanner, and participated in the development of AI-based projects for top external partners in international teams.

Just like any significant force with the power to reshape the world, AI has inevitably become the subject of formal regulation.

The European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act reached provisional status in December 2023, while the United States is still evaluating its own approach, stemming from a series of hearings in Congress, both public and closed-door, featuring detailed testimonies from AI industry CEOs and experts.

The AI Act, also known as the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act, adopted recently (March 2024), is now the world’s first regulation specifically targeting AI and pursues several key objectives:

  • Ensuring safety and upholding fundamental rights in the realm of AI utilization.
  • Fostering responsible innovation within the AI domain.
  • Establishing a transparent legal framework for stakeholders in the AI sector.

Additionally, the AI Act categorizes AI systems based on risk as follows:

  • Prohibited: systems posing unacceptable risks (e.g., electoral manipulation, invasive surveillance, social scoring).
  • High risk: stringent requirements (e.g., facial recognition).
  • Limited risk: minimal obligations (e.g., chatbots, automatic translation).

To safeguard citizens, the document also includes:

  • Transparency requirements: clear information about AI systems, the data used, and how they operate.
  • Prohibition of “social scoring” and emotional manipulation.
  • Promotion of responsible AI development.

We believe that the AI Act is a document that should be consulted by all professionals in the industry and with which all business leaders should be equally familiar. This ensures that the AI solutions that will become part of our lives in the coming years are responsible and ethical.

Connections obtains authorization to use 5G infrastructure equipment

Connections (AeRO Premium, symbol CC) has recently obtained authorization to use 5G infrastructure equipment. This authorization not only opens new opportunities for us, but also facilitates our customers’ access to the most advanced connectivity solutions.

In 2021, Romania adopted legislation aimed at implementing “measures relating to information and communication infrastructures of national interest and conditions for the implementation of 5G networks”, a law enacted following a recommendation from the European Commission.

Under Romanian law, Law 163 of 11 June 2021 states that ‘the use of technologies, equipment and software in information and communication infrastructures of national interest and in 5G networks’ is allowed only with authorization from the Romanian state. Thus, the obtained authorization validates our commitment to provide high quality services, respecting the highest technological standards.

With this authorization, Connections becomes one of approximately 40 companies in Romania that hold this authorization, which gives us the right to compete for complex projects both nationally and internationally.

This key step allows us to offer our customers the most advanced 5G solutions, paving the way for a new phase of connectivity. We are committed to bringing the most advanced technologies while meeting the standards required by the relevant authorities. As Romania moves towards the adoption of advanced telecommunications infrastructure, Connections is emerging as a leading player in shaping the country’s digital landscape.

With a broad portfolio of solutions and services, we are once again demonstrating our expertise and ability to adapt to the demands of the ever-evolving market, contributing to innovation and development in the field of connectivity. Obtaining authorization to use the 5G infrastructure equipment is an important moment for us, strengthening our position in the market and opening new horizons for innovation and development in connectivity.

Connections Consult achieves 177 Million Lei revenue in 2023, marking 203% growth and net profit of 11.2 Million Lei


Connections (CC), a digital transformation company listed on the AeRo market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, has increased its revenue by 203% in 2023, reaching 177 million lei, while net profit has surged by 162%, surpassing 11 million lei.

These results encompass the activities of all companies in which Connections Consult holds stakes (Connections Consult – 100%, Connections Technologies – 100%, Outsourcing Support Services – 100%, Brusch Services – 100%, Connections Serbia – 100%, Connections Bulgaria – 100%, 10Plus – 25%), with the most significant contribution to growth coming from Software Development and Integration services provided by the issuing company.

In 2023, Connections’ focus was on acquiring new clients and enhancing the relevance of projects in terms of technical complexity. Internally, attention was directed towards strengthening corporate governance and carrying out initiatives to increase capital through free share issues at a ratio of 1:10, completed in August.

The company’s development strategy aimed at both short-term results and the medium-to-long-term consolidation of its market-leading position in complex digitalization projects.“Last year was marked by turbulence on a global scale. The world economy and geopolitical status quo faced various uncertainties, compounded by the rapid growth of artificial intelligence in technology, posing significant challenges to economic actors across multiple sectors. Nevertheless, for Connections, 2023 proved to be the best year in its history so far, marking several essential milestones for the road ahead – from revenue, which nearly tripled the estimates from the listing memorandum, to the successful initiation and completion of two highly complex projects (8 million euros and approximately 10 million euros), with significant impacts on clients and, by extension, on society. Additionally, it underscored the consolidation of expertise as a technology integrator, providing us with a strong edge in the tech industry,” stated Bogdan Florea, Founder and co-CEO of Connections.

2023 also brought a significant growth in the team’s competencies, directly impacting the revenue and profit structure.

The proposed revenue and expenditure budget for the year 2023, as well as the estimates outlined in the listing memorandum on the AeRO market, were surpassed significantly, both in terms of revenue (116%) and net and gross profit (102% for both).

Throughout 2023, all verticals of the group experienced leaps between 5-10%, with a spectacular growth (549%) in the RPA and software development division.

Thus, the largest contribution to the growth in 2023 came from Software Development and Integration services, which accounted for 73% of the group’s total revenue, compared to 36% in 2022.

In addition to expanding the client portfolio, enhancing the relevance of projects undertaken, and boosting internal team competencies, in 2023 Connections Consult continued to explore opportunities for acquiring stakes in new companies with potential.

We collaborate with two companies specialized in M&A and continuously monitor potential acquisitions. The M&A market context still maintains high expectations following the sharp growth observed in the years 2019-2022. However, we have chosen to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in advanced discussions with target companies throughout the past year. In our opinion, valuations remain unrealistic and do not justify the investment demands from sellers at this time. Nevertheless, we remain open to realistic investment opportunities in fields such as cybersecurity, custom software development, AI, and ERP system implementation,” stated Radu Marcu, co-CEO of Connections Consult.

In 2024, Connections aims to take its first steps towards accessing the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), strengthening corporate governance, and preparing the company for the transition to IFRS reporting. Strategic development will continue this year with the support of the newly established Advisory Board and by expanding the Board of Directors with two additional seats, providing a much stronger mechanism of checks-and-balances at the management level. Additionally, the company’s leadership plans to host investor events aimed at enhancing investor confidence and transparency in Connections’ operations, as well as fostering solid partnerships with key players in the stock market. This includes transitioning to quarterly financial reporting starting in 2025.

The comprehensive report detailing the 2023 Financial Results is available for consultation at the following link.

Connections integrates AI into one of its products for the first time: ID Scanner for all types of documents

Connections, a leader in Romania’s digital transformation market, listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) under the symbol CC improves the way data is extracted from all types of documents, with the launch of the latest version of its ID Scanner application equipped with artificial intelligence. 

In the process of digital transformation of companies, the demand for software solutions that scan documents to extract information using artificial intelligence has grown significantly over the past year and continues to grow.

According to data recorded by Connections Consult, interest in solutions of this type has seen an increase of over 200% since the previous year – 2020, when the company launched ID Scanner, the first such application on the market. As of 2024, the app is running in a new artificial intelligence-based version, with expanded functions that allow scanning of any type of document, including those not in standard formats.

“ID Scanner is aimed at companies that want to integrate a scanned document processing component based on AI technology into their existing or soon-to-be-developed systems. The Connections team puts cybersecurity first when it comes to product development, as it is an essential component when it comes to accessing personal data and beyond”, says Radu Marcu, Connections co-CEO. 

The ID Scanner application can be easily integrated into IT ecosystems implementing complex business workflows.  

One of the strengths of this software solution is the integrated AI technology, which allows scanning all types of documents. European passports, driving licenses, or new format ID cards are just a few examples of documents whose information can be quickly extracted with ID Scanner. I. It can also process even untyped documents, which until recently was considered impossible. This means that information can be extracted from invoices, consumption receipts, balance sheets, or any other type of document.

The IDScanner application has been designed in such a way as to ensure maximum data protection, which is why all documents are processed in a virtual environment, so that they never come into the possession of Connections.

Connections continues to invest in technologies such as AI-based technology and the highest level of working standards. Recently, the company has achieved a new certification in RPA (Robotic Process Automation with Software Robots), becoming a USN partner. This status confirms that Connections professionals have the right level of expertise and can deliver state-of-the-art RPA implementations consistently at the same level as the UiPath Professional Services team.

2024 News: Connections obtains UiPath USN Certification

The Connections team has achieved a new recognition and, starting in 2024, is a certified USN partner of UiPath, one of the top providers of RPA (Robot Process Automation) technology.

The new certification demonstrates the standard and competencies of the Connections team in delivering hyper-automated solutions for companies and is part of the continuous growth strategy of the internal team’s competencies.

The UiPath USN technology partnership program is an open ecosystem that brings together an elite network of business partners, offering a wide range of services that clients can rely on when seeking competent leaders capable of providing references and sharing best practices. Partners have the opportunity to consistently deliver state-of-the-art RPA implementations with the same level of expertise as the UiPath Professional Services team.

“The digital transformation is the primary tool that currently keeps any business on the path of growth and modernization, being the main differentiator in an increasingly competitive world that utilizes advanced technological solutions. By obtaining the USN accreditation from UiPath, our team elevates the standard of work in our client relationships, enhancing accuracy and scalability. We are pleased to offer our collaborators, with the assistance of UiPath, top-notch RPA solutions, leveraging our entire experience in business process automation and supporting their efforts for growth and differentiation in the market,” says Radu Marcu, co-CEO of Connections.

The USN partnership program defines the level of competence of the best implementation partners along with ensuring that all USN members have the appropriate level of competence and are ready to provide professional services at the same quality as UiPath.

HR Challenge: Why automation when we have talented people in the team?

To be or not to be, that is the question. Talented individuals working efficiently or automated processes? Or a mix of both? 

As long as we have talented individuals in the team, who do their job well and deliver results, why invest in technology or robots? What does automation help us with, as long as things are functioning well without it? 

The answer is simple: to retain our talented people in the team, to develop them, and to invest in them for the highest return on investment, ensuring they have a high level of satisfaction. The quality of people’s work and their satisfaction level at the workplace are essential pillars in the entire ecosystem of a business – from the quality of relationships within the team to the ability of individuals to deliver projects at the highest standard, with a direct impact on the quality of relationships with clients. 

Who is afraid of technology? 

The labor market has been experiencing, for years, a phenomenon felt by every Human Resources department: difficulty in the recruitment process, attributed to a high demand for professionals in the market. Remote work becomes an increasingly important criterion when it comes to choosing a new job; moreover, employees feel the need to be valued and connected to the organizational culture, no matter where they work. 

Perhaps counterintuitive in some instances, all these factors have a common and accessible solution: technology makes people choose companies where they work in a modern, efficient manner, where there is no need to allocate hours to a repetitive task. Technology enables remote work without disconnecting from the pulse and updates of the organization, providing the time and mental space needed to come up with new ideas, approaches, and solutions in business relationships with collaborators. 

As repetitive tasks disappear, people are motivated to become the best version of themselves. They have a real opportunity to showcase their value, space to learn new things and put them into practice, and can respond to new technological challenges that can take them and the organization to the next level as professionals. 

How often has it happened that you recruited someone with significant growth potential? And, after these candidates with potential have become team members, how many of them have truly reached their potential? 

Certainly, growth is a time-consuming process, we would say. But it takes even longer if the first 3 months are for enrollment, the next 6 are filled with repetitive tasks, and only after 9 months of hiring does the person begin to focus on indicators. 

The first year on the job is about getting used to the new work environment; the team leader does not have the possibility to grow the team, and the new employee already has low motivation because they couldn’t prove their qualities. The organization grows more slowly than it could, even though it has experienced and talented people, as well as juniors with potential. 

A vicious circle that technology can transform into real growth: everyone gains time and space for development, reaching a high level of job satisfaction. 

It’s worth mentioning that an employee with access to advanced technology becomes a spontaneous brand ambassador in discussions with other professionals. These brand ambassadors feel more empowered overall, which will be reflected in the quality of the organizational culture. 

Let’s see what the statistics say… 

In Romania, a third (35%) of companies face challenges in recruiting personnel, and 41% struggle with the lack of skills needed to meet current requirements, according to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2023 study. 

To overcome these challenges, companies are adopting strategies such as ‘workforce ecosystems,’ integrating consultants and subcontractors to complement the traditional workforce. The digital transformation of a company becomes a key element in this equation, with 30% of study participants mentioning the implementation of technological solutions and artificial intelligence to optimize human resources. 

A McKinsey study also indicates a significant increase in the adoption of generative artificial intelligence, confirming the regular use of AI in one of the departments of organizations for a third of respondents. 

What do these figures reveal? 

That recruitment is becoming an increasingly challenging process, making it harder to retain talents within organizations. 

That it would be beneficial to give our people the necessary space for growth. 

That adapting to the new market needs and ensuring employee retention become major challenges for any company aspiring to remain competitive and claim new growth territories. 

Some of these difficulties may stem from the reluctance of many organizations towards technology. 

For leaders who have yet to prioritize the digital transformation of their company: to what extent is the technology used in your companies a differentiator in recruitment? 

TechSession #52 – An evening in the Oracle universe

Romanian Oracle User Group (RoOUG) is organizing a new event within the TechSessions series, aiming to bring together enthusiasts of Oracle technologies.

Edition #52, hosted by Connections Consult, offers Oracle product users the opportunity to delve into the latest developments in Oracle technologies alongside two industry veterans: Valentin Robu, with 20 years of in Oracle systems administration, and Alberto Antonie, with a 20-year background in complex Java Enterprise projects.

The event is scheduled for February 29, 2024, starting at 18:00, at the Connections Consult headquarters, 71 Buzești Street.

Participation is free, subject to available seats, but prior registration is required.


18:00 – 18:15: Arrival and Registration

An opportunity to meet participants and initiate interactions.

18:15 – 19:00: Valentin Robu | GoldenGate Microservice new paradigm

19:00 – 19:15: Break

An opportunity to socialize and connect with professionals passionate about Oracle technologies.

19:15 – 20:00:Alberto Antonie  | Observability – pillars, principles, good practices in

the world of microservices with hands-on example


Valentin Robu is an Oracle engineer with 20 years of experience in administration and support. He has a background as a programmer and database administrator.

His expertise covers database replication solutions (GoldenGate), database migration and upgrades, Database & SQL tuning, as well as backup and recovery policies in disaster situations.

Valentin is actively involved in volunteering for Oracle Academy, where he teaches and organizes workshops and seminars on technologies related to Oracle databases.

Alberto Antonieis a technical team lead at Luxoft DXC Technology. His core value is being a lifelong learner with a focus on progress rather than perfection, and he follows the split-apply-combine strategy approach.

With 20 years of experience in complex Java Enterprise projects, he initiated his journey with an ERP project and subsequently engaged in e-governance projects for a decade. Over the past 7 years at Luxoft DXC, he has been dedicated to banking projects.

Within his role, Alberto frequently dons the solution architect hat, immersing himself in architectural thinking. He collaborates with team members and peers on frameworks, design patterns, and best practices to establish a connection between business change/requests and technology solutions. His objective is to delineate each phase and requirement necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the solution.


Considering the limited number of seats, to ensure your access to this event, please register by sending an email to with the subject TechSession52-Registration and specifying:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Position in the company
  • Phone number

In case the maximum number of registrations is reached, participant selection will be based on the already known criteria, which can be consulted here.

We invite you to join us at TechSession#52 and stay updated on the latest innovations in the Oracle universe!

Enhancing operational efficiency through IT services outsourcing

CLIENT: With an extensive presence across over 700 locations in Romania and over 8,000 users, the client made the decision to outsource their IT support activities. This choice allowed them to focus their efforts on core operations, the extraction, and marketing of petroleum products.

PROJECT: The client aimed to outsource complete management of hardware and software faults, IMAC operations (Install & Move & Add & Change), network services, as well as ticket allocation and management to the support team. These activities were provided both remotely and on-site. Additionally, reporting and managing response times (SLA) and performance indicators (KPI) were included in the project scope.

APPROACH: From the initial stage involving a detailed analysis of existing services to the final implementation stage, the technical details of adopted technologies were explored. Strategies for managing essential services were laid out to implement a scalable and efficient solution.

SOLUTION: To meet these requirements, the Connections Consult team opted for a multi-stage approach:

Documentation: The current state of services was extensively documented using Business Process Management (BPM) techniques. This method formed the core of the implementation process, enabling detailed analysis, service mapping, process redesign, technical implementation, and continuous governance, ensuring efficient deployment.

Analysis and Calibration: This involved reevaluating and redesigning services where necessary, considering identified challenges and optimal implementation methods.

Deployment: IT and telecommunication systems were selected and implemented, including the ServiceNow platform for efficient ticket management and workflows.


SLAs were a crucial component of this implementation, establishing parameters and standards for response and resolution times, among other aspects of the services provided. Examples of SLAs include response and resolution times job tickets, response times for incidents based on priority levels, and completion times for IMAC operations.

Adhering strictly to SLA timelines, we provided the client with both technical support and an exceptional service experience, with rapid solutions for critical incidents, efficient online interactions, and a minimum 97% ticket resolution rate within our service sphere.

In addition to technical implementation, special attention was given to Governance, ensuring compliance with client standards and objectives. This involved continuous service quality review to identify and rectify any deficiencies, thus maintaining high operational standards.

The implemented solution brought operational benefits such as reduced resolution times and increased efficiency, contributing to the client’s commitment to quality standards and services offered. By successfully integrating cutting-edge technologies and service management practices, the client solidified its position as a leader in the oil and gas industry, adeptly adapting to the challenges of a constantly changing digital world.


Cutting-edge technologies were employed, focusing on efficiency and scalability. The ServiceNow platform played a central role in efficient ticket management and workflows, along with a suite of applications covering various aspects of IT support, from hardware and software fault management to IMAC operations, including:

  • NETWORKING: OSI, TCP/IP Networking
  • PROGRAMMING: Scripting
  • CLIENT TOOL OUTLOOK: (Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Exchange/Microsoft Office 365) – Mailbox, PST, OST, Archiving, Public Folders, SMTP, POP3
  • MICROSOFT Exchange Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, Backup Solutions
  • APPLE: Software Support


The implementation process was coordinated by a dedicated team of professionals from Connections Consult, specialized in various fields such as IT infrastructure, service management, and cutting-edge technologies.

The team contributed their expertise to ensure seamless integration of proposed solutions within the client’s existing infrastructure, generating added value for them and supporting business objectives.


Over 8,000 client employees rely on advanced technical solutions in their day-to-day activities.