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Over the past year and a half, the IT market around the world has been going through a turbulent period. The industry’s spectacular growth has slowed significantly, giving way to a series of restructurings that began in the United States but cascaded to Romania.

Many IT professionals have been forced to look for new job opportunities because of the drop in the number of projects by companies in the sector. As a result, the possibility of finding a top job quickly has been greatly reduced. It’s no coincidence that Connections’ development strategy keeps us out of this global trend of slowing growth: we continue to maintain our commitment to the people we work with, we have continued to make hires, and we are consistent in our efforts to retain talent.

So, at the end of last year, we decided to take on the full pressure on employees caused by the new tax legislation and assumed the additional costs for our colleagues directly affected by the tax change. We also relocated the team to a new, larger, and more streamlined office, including developing internal incentive and motivation programs for employees.

We value talented people who are determined to build for the long term, so our plans to keep them on board are built around valuing and making transparent individual performance, coupled with public recognition and tangible benefits, such as granting shareholder status in the company through the Stock Options Plan (SOP).

We are in an open dialogue with our colleagues at Connections, because we want to be a true hub where the best IT professionals find their place.

From June, we are expanding this dialogue with all candidates and professionals in the industry, and kick-starting the communication by inviting them to visit us and leave feedback on the #ConnectionsConsult account on the platform.

If you are just starting out in your profession, between jobs, or looking for a career shift, we also keep you updated on job opportunities and internship possibilities on this platform, including inside stories and concrete stories about what the working atmosphere is like, the chances of a long-term collaboration or changing your role from intern to permanent employee.

For us, being on means increasing the level of transparency, and, along with this, we want to create a safe space where our former, current, and future employees and collaborators can open a dialogue that will give them answers where they don’t have them and the possibility, based on the candidates’ experiences, to improve the way we run our internal processes.

So please visit us HERE and stay up to date with Connections news.