Software Development Outsourcing: How We’re Different

Software Development Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is on the rise as companies around the world are looking to go further without spending more doing it. You’re probably familiar with the overall benefits and compromises widely associated with outsourcing, but not all outsourcing markets and companies within them are the same.

We’d like to tell you about how outsourcing to Romania with us is different than outsourcing somewhere else, across four points of comparison.

Value Adds

● You may have heard that the main value add from outsourcing is cost savings, and that cost savings mean quality sacrifices.
● Conversely, many of our clients pick us because we offer them fast and easy access to top-notch developers. At the same time, most of our clients also experience a high level of cost savings from working with us.

Working Transparency

● A common stereotype about software development outsourcing is that you’ll never know much about who’s actually developing your software- and that transparency is often an issue.
● On the flip side, we prefer to build teams of developers for our clients that are fully integrated with their own teams- separated only by distance.

Dialogue and Input

● An unfortunate stereotype, associated with certain outsourcing markets in particular, is that outsourcers use the phrase “yes, sir” a lot, without asking the right questions, and without offering much creative input of their own- leading to low-quality workmanship and misinterpretations.
● We focus on maintaining open dialogue and an atmosphere of candor with our clients. Besides that, we like to offer our ideas and advice to our clients, as ultimately, many minds go further than few.

Physical and Cultural Distances

● Many people feel that outsourcing involves overcoming vast cultural and physical distances. The 2006 comedy “Outsourced”, about an American that travels to India to set up a call centre, illustrates this stereotype perfectly.
● Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Romania. Not only is Romania’s culture and overall working mentality similar to other Western countries, but whether you’re in Montreal, Manchester, or Malmo- it’s fairly straightforward to set up an in-person meeting with us or with our developers. Compared to India as an example, visas aren’t much of an issue in either direction- and if you’re in Europe or North America, it’s probably much quicker and easier to get to/from Bucharest than Bangalore.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to drop us a line, we’re in Bucharest

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