Enhancing operational efficiency through IT services outsourcing

CLIENT: With an extensive presence across over 700 locations in Romania and over 8,000 users, the client made the decision to outsource their IT support activities. This choice allowed them to focus their efforts on core operations, the extraction, and marketing of petroleum products.

PROJECT: The client aimed to outsource complete management of hardware and software faults, IMAC operations (Install & Move & Add & Change), network services, as well as ticket allocation and management to the support team. These activities were provided both remotely and on-site. Additionally, reporting and managing response times (SLA) and performance indicators (KPI) were included in the project scope.

APPROACH: From the initial stage involving a detailed analysis of existing services to the final implementation stage, the technical details of adopted technologies were explored. Strategies for managing essential services were laid out to implement a scalable and efficient solution.

SOLUTION: To meet these requirements, the Connections Consult team opted for a multi-stage approach:

Documentation: The current state of services was extensively documented using Business Process Management (BPM) techniques. This method formed the core of the implementation process, enabling detailed analysis, service mapping, process redesign, technical implementation, and continuous governance, ensuring efficient deployment.

Analysis and Calibration: This involved reevaluating and redesigning services where necessary, considering identified challenges and optimal implementation methods.

Deployment: IT and telecommunication systems were selected and implemented, including the ServiceNow platform for efficient ticket management and workflows.


SLAs were a crucial component of this implementation, establishing parameters and standards for response and resolution times, among other aspects of the services provided. Examples of SLAs include response and resolution times job tickets, response times for incidents based on priority levels, and completion times for IMAC operations.

Adhering strictly to SLA timelines, we provided the client with both technical support and an exceptional service experience, with rapid solutions for critical incidents, efficient online interactions, and a minimum 97% ticket resolution rate within our service sphere.

In addition to technical implementation, special attention was given to Governance, ensuring compliance with client standards and objectives. This involved continuous service quality review to identify and rectify any deficiencies, thus maintaining high operational standards.

The implemented solution brought operational benefits such as reduced resolution times and increased efficiency, contributing to the client’s commitment to quality standards and services offered. By successfully integrating cutting-edge technologies and service management practices, the client solidified its position as a leader in the oil and gas industry, adeptly adapting to the challenges of a constantly changing digital world.


Cutting-edge technologies were employed, focusing on efficiency and scalability. The ServiceNow platform played a central role in efficient ticket management and workflows, along with a suite of applications covering various aspects of IT support, from hardware and software fault management to IMAC operations, including:

  • NETWORKING: OSI, TCP/IP Networking
  • PROGRAMMING: Scripting
  • CLIENT TOOL OUTLOOK: (Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Exchange/Microsoft Office 365) – Mailbox, PST, OST, Archiving, Public Folders, SMTP, POP3
  • MICROSOFT Exchange Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, Backup Solutions
  • APPLE: Software Support


The implementation process was coordinated by a dedicated team of professionals from Connections Consult, specialized in various fields such as IT infrastructure, service management, and cutting-edge technologies.

The team contributed their expertise to ensure seamless integration of proposed solutions within the client’s existing infrastructure, generating added value for them and supporting business objectives.


Over 8,000 client employees rely on advanced technical solutions in their day-to-day activities.

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