Connections Consult exceeded financial estimates for 2022. Consolidated revenues of 58,46 million lei in 2022 and a gross profit of 5,11 million lei

Bucharest, March 27, 2023 – Connections Consult (CC), a group of digital transformation companies, listed on the AeRO Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, reported consolidated revenues of 58,46 million lei in 2022 and a gross profit of 5,11 million lei, with an increase of 48% compared to 2021.

In the reporting period, Connections recorded a 29% increase in revenues compared to last year on the back of new projects carried out within the lines of software and RPA services, as well as the increase in the volume of software consulting and outsourcing services offered within Outsourcing Support Services SRL and Brusch Services SRL.

Gross profit increased by 48% compared to 2021, and also during this period, the technology verticals saw a consolidation of the contribution to the total revenues of the group.
In this regard, the line of software development services (“software development”) reached a 36% revenue contribution rate, and hyperautomation services (RPA) represent, at the end of 2022, 6% of total revenues.

Furthermore, the Group exceeded the financial estimates for 2022, mentioned in the memorandum from the private placement and in the one from the technical listing of September 2021, both in terms of revenues (18% increase compared to estimates), but also gross profit (an increase of 20,31% against estimates).

Connections delivered on its commitment to its stakeholders and continued to invest resources in developing high-potential service lines to maximize the Group’s net asset value.

“In an extremely volatile market context, internationally and locally, with many uncertainties and difficult to manage: the war in Ukraine, inflation, the potential food crisis, the energy crisis and that of the supply chains, therefore, in a landscape complex, we maintain our energy, perseverance, and positive estimates for 2023. The financial information presented in the Report aligns with the strategy announced by Connections regarding the development of the business and is proof of the ability and commitment to increasing the value of its assets”, said Radu Marcu, co- CEO Connections Consult.

At the date of publication of the current financial report for 2022, Connections has already included on the agenda of the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 24.04.2023 the voting of the Employee Stock Options (ESOP) program and the distribution of dividends related to the group’s profit obtained in 2021. The founder and majority shareholder, Bogdan Florea, will not be part of the ESOP program.

“The year 2022 meant for Connections Consult the continuation of strengthening the financial position in the Balance Sheet. The company recorded an increase in the value of assets easily convertible into cash, as shown by the comparative balance sheet 2021 versus 2022. The increase in current assets is mainly due to the increase in the balance of receivables on December 31, 2022 compared to 2021, correlated with a decrease in the balance of cash. This is due to the use of cash for business growth”, stated Bogdan Florea, co-CEO of Connections Consult.

At the end of 2022, the issuer recorded a balance of Current Assets in the amount of 22.009.821 lei, 11,25% more than on 31.12.2021, of which 4,5 million lei represented cash availability.

According to the budget for 2022, Connections proposes a consolidated turnover of 83 million lei and an EBITDA of 7,75 million lei. These estimates include the results generated by all the group companies in which Connections Consult S.A. owns more than 51%, including Brusch Services – the company acquired by the Group in 2021.

“The group’s exceptional results, reflected in the indicators mentioned above, are the effect of the perseverance, creativity, and energy demonstrated by the Connections team, to whom we thank for a remarkable 2022! We thank our investors who showed patience, trust and moral support through their open attitude and honest approach in relation to the company!”, added Bogdan Florea, co-CEO of Connections Consult.

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