Why IT support companies should leverage outsourced staff more often


If you’re in the IT support industry, whether you run a large company or you’re a stand-alone consultant, chances are, you’ve considered many different ways to better serve your clients’ needs, make your internal service delivery processes more efficient, or both. Perhaps you’ve overlooked outsourcing, or you haven’t yet realized its full potential. Here are a few major benefits to consider:

● Hiring outsourced IT support agents can offer you a large degree of cost savings, without forcing you to sacrifice on quality and end outcomes- especially if you work with the right partner in the right country. Romania and Serbia, two countries we have a presence in, are known for both their high quality of work, and their low personnel costs.

● If you have the right outsourcing partner, you can take on larger projects. Let’s say one of your clients requests a large number of agents in a short period of time. If you tried to hire everyone yourself from scratch, you might have a hard time taking on such a project- whereas if you have an outsourcing partner with a large database of pre-selected, ready-to-go agents, you’d have access to the talent you need, when you need it.

● By outsourcing, you can increase your list of specialties- and grow your business as a result. If you see that there’s demand in a certain area but you don’t already have an internal team to match, provided you have the right outsourcing partner, you can also offer your clients support in that area.

● Outsourcing on a dedicated team basis, a model that we work on, is essentially the same as hiring remote agents yourself, without much of the legwork that goes into hiring and managing each agent- saving you both time and money.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about what we offer, how we work, or how working with us could benefit you.

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