The business process outsourcing model applied by Connections follows the Outsourcing Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), issued by IAOP – the international organization which governs and standardizes the outsourcing best practices, tendencies and innovations.


Outsourcing is a long-term, results-oriented business relationship with a specialized services provider.

The services contracted for (including manufacturing services) may encompass a single activity, a set of activities, or an entire end-to-end business process. In most cases, and especially for larger organizations, what’s being outsourced was previously performed by the customer organization for itself and is being transferred to the provider. In other cases, however, these may be activities the customer organization never performed for itself.

Connections involves in all levels of the outsourcing process – from creating, leading and sustaining high-performance outsourcing project teams and developing and communicating business requirements together with the client organization to performing the transition to an outsourced environment.

The process model we follow is



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