Outsourcing: How to build a dream team, at a dream cost


If you’re looking to build an outsourced development team, odds are, balancing cost with quality is a top priority. The question is, how can you get the best talent, while keeping costs low. Here are some tips:
> Choose your outsourcing market carefully. You generally should look to outsource to countries that have a well developed IT industry, a similar working culture to yours, and a reasonably low cost of living- as countries with these characteristics tend to offer a good cost/quality ratio.
> Find the right outsourcing company to work with. In particular, seek out companies that have strong HR teams, good facilities in top locations, and a track record of working with similar companies to yours.
> Get to know your developers well. Make sure that the developers offered by your outsourcing partner are a good fit for both your projects and the rest of your team by getting to know each of them personally.

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