IT Service Desk Nearshore Outsourcing – a successful implementation

Executive Summary

Client goal was to implement best-in-class processes to provide business capabilities that create value for the business units, while reducing the costs and efforts necessary to support these operations. Successfully implementing our business model, we have fully achieved client goals:


The Client, is a company headquartered in Heuchelheim, Germany. The most important fields of endeavor are carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and climate technology, sintered metals as well as ultrasonic welding.

The Client has a presence in 29 countries with more than 60 operative companies. Consolidated sales came to EUR 1,200 million in 2017 and the number of employees is more than 8,200. The Group comprises four divisions and a total of 11 business units.


Service Quality & Delivery On-time

Main problem we had to address, in any Outsourcing Projects and in this case also, is that potential clients, are concerned about the service quality level, or if the provider experience, is correlated to the Client need. Our proven experience of delivering services similar to client needs, was mandatory in order to better understand the implementation processes that are followed within their organization.


Cybersecurity and privacy (GDPR) is very important, and we needed to be sure to quickly adapt our internal policy, in order to obtain 100% compliance with client requirements.

Business Relationship

Using a third party could be considered an anonymous affair, for most Clients, in order to change this perspective, we needed to ensure our Client is our partner, with real touch points and an attentive account manager who understands his business.

The Solution

Reduce financial costs

Outsourced service set-up, delivers an Opex model with fixed, predictable costs; Also, we must have in mind that in term of Labor costs, levels will be lower, which in the end will help the Client obtain considerable savings.  Nevertheless due to the fact, services are provided outside client premise, all costs related to rent, office administration, it infrastructure and support, migrates from client administration and budget to ours. 

Increase client service delivery capacity

Our client, was facing real issues, when encountering fluctuations of service volumes, or seasonal differences. Through outsourcing model, he could  effortlessly scale them  up and down based on demand. 

24x7x365 coverage

Service window, was also, a decision factor, when moving to Outsource model. This means, customers can easily  gain access to technical support on a 24x7x365 basis, by implementing a smart Shift Model. 

Building and growing

We are implementing Robotic Process Automation solutions to help our client automate a wide range of business processes for increasing Quality of work, Keeping and maintaining business process compliance and also Agile & Fast solution and delivery, to be inline with fast moving market.

What client think

In our outsourcing partner selection program, Connections has been the outstanding achiever. They are playing an integral role in formulating our outsourcing strategy for the last 2 years.

Connections has helped us achieve cost-savings as compared to our standard costs. Their methodology, objectivity and professionalism allowed us to make the right decision quickly. They represented a way to increase our own service and capabilities while saving money.

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